Preschool Playground Build Day

New Joy Preschool Playground Build Day

On Saturday March 24...

We had 33 people show up to help create our new playground area for the preschool. Volunteers helped assemble playground equipment, dug slides into the hill area, move the fire pit, create mural designs that will go on the fence and build and install our own little library. The start of the day was cold, but that didn’t stop everyone from coming out to help. We were able to get so much accomplished! It truly looks like a playground area now.

New Joy Preschool was able to apply for 3 Thrivent action team grants to help build the playground. One was for sand and supplies to make the playground beautiful. Thank you Greg Bozarth! Another was for paint supplies to create a mural on the fence around the garbage area. This will be done at a later date. Thank you Jill Fiur! The third action grant was for food to feed all the workers. Thank you Vicar Will!

Gross Motor Playground

The type of play equipment I went with will help preschool age kids with their gross motor skills. Climbing up hills to go down slides, pedaling the bikes on the merry-go-cycle both help build their leg muscles. Being able to climb through the side of the playhouse and bounce on the bouncers helps build their core muscles. The balance beams will help the students learn how to control their bodies all while being a safe distance from the ground.

Coming Soon

There will be a fence installed around the playground area. It will hopefully be installed before VBS in June.

If you want to learn more about our preschool, please visit the Preschool page. You can also find us on Facebook.

Thank you to those who have given your money, your time, your prayers, and your words of encouragement! I am honored and excited to start this new preschool in August!

Miranda Verik
New Joy Preschool Director/Teacher