Daily Prayer

A guide for praying at home during the Advent Season:

Household Prayer for Advent

Three forms of daily prayer – FAITH5, Collatio, and Daily Examen:

Faith5 for households with children, is a simple pattern for conversation, prayer and blessing.

Collatio is an ancient method of reflection on Scripture prayerfully and devotionally.

Daily Examen is a way to reflect on and pray from the events and experiences of your day.

And a few additional prayer resources...

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Daily Bible Readings  

From their site, you can sign up to have these delivered to your inbox.

Vanderbilt Divinity School Library Daily Readings

They provide ways to sign up to receive these readings through RSS, or you can download a complete pdf of the readings here.

Responsive Prayer

Responsive Prayer has been published in Lutheran prayer books for over 100 years. Print it out and tuck it inside your Bible, or set it on your desk, nightstand, or kitchen table. Or bookmark this link and come back to it on your phone or computer each day. This is an outline you can pray at morning, noon, or night.

A list of daily Bible readings will also be included in each Friday’s email. To add your name to our mailing list, please visit our Newsletter page.

d365 — an app inviting users to pause, listen, think, pray, and go. Find it on the iOS app store or Google Play.