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Celebrating New Joy's 20th Anniversary

Celebrating New Joy's 20th Anniversary

Indescribable Joy
Fall 2022


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On the Ministry Blog,  you will find church news along with posts from Pastor Chris Duckworth covering wide-ranging topics about faith and life.


At New Joy we are Growing Deeper & Reaching Wider

At New Joy, we are focused on...

Growing Deeper

Worship flows into the home with weekly at-home devotions connected to Sunday’s Scripture and sermon. Youth group, men’s and women’s groups, book groups and service projects lead us to grow deeper in our trust in God’s promises.

Reaching Wider

With services opportunities almost weekly at New Joy, and projects each month, New Joy is committed to helping you serve your neighbor in the way of Jesus. Not a member of New Joy, but want to serve in the community? Check out how we serve and join in the work of blessing others with acts of compassion and care.

Our Mission

New Joy Lutheran Church is a spirited community called by God to extend a radical welcome, share a generous grace, nurture a transforming faith, and live God’s promise.

"Extend Radical Welcome"

New Joy Lutheran Church is a spirited community that welcomes, values, accepts, and nurtures all people wherever they are in their relationship with God.

"Share Generous Grace"

New Joy Lutheran Church is a spirited community that freely proclaims that forgiveness, mercy, love, and salvation are free gifts of God’s grace

"Nurture Transforming Faith"

New Joy Lutheran Church is a spirited community that receives faith as a gift of God that transforms us and the world.

"Live God's Promise"

New Joy Lutheran Church is a spirited community that boldly lives in our Lord’s promise of renewed and everlasting life.

The Truth is...

that we don’t always believe confidently, or pray wholeheartedly, or serve selflessly on our own. Yet, when we come together in community we draw out the best in each other and in ourselves, lean on the faith of our sisters and brothers, and seek the goodness of God for ourselves and for the world that God so loves.

Full of belief or doubt, confidence or questions? There is a place for you at New Joy. The people of New Joy are newcomers to Christianity and interfaith families, lifelong active church goers and people who have spent decades away from the church before finding their way to New Joy. There is a place for you at New Joy, too.

New Joy was established just in 2002. As a congregation we’re still growing up. You might say we’re in our awkward adolescence. We haven’t figured everything out. We’re having fun as we grow and as we see what God is putting before us. We hope you’ll be part of our future.

The Truth is...

What's Faith 5?

Each week worshipers go home with a simple outline for daily prayer and faith conversation at home. Share highs and lows, read a Scripture verse or a whole passage or a story from a children’s Bible, talk about what you’ve just read, pray, and bless one another. It’s called the Faith 5, and we encourage friends and neighbors of New Joy to do the Faith 5 at home during week.