Giving. It’s the heart of Christian living.

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The role of giving in Christian living

God gave life in hands
God gave blessings and promise to a small, insignificant tribe called Israel.
To this people God gave freedom, and law, and land, and a Kingdom.
They didn’t earn it. It was a gift.
And when they lost all of that,
God gave them prophets and even foreign rulers to restore them, to be their savior.

In the fullness of time God gave his people our Lord Jesus,
who gave hope to the hopeless,
freedom to the captive,
food to the hungry,
truth to those in error,
life to the dead.

In the life of Jesus we see the power, and essential nature, of giving,
for our Lord gave his own life in solidarity with ours,
joining us in our suffering so that suffering would not be the end of our story.

Giving. The young rich man is called to give all he has.
The reckless father gives half of his estate to his reckless son,
and then gives that reckless son a robe, a ring, and a fatted calf.
Zacchaeus gives half of his possessions, and repays many times over, those whom he defrauded.
The boy gives five loaves of bread and two fish.
The widow gives her last two coins.

Giving. It’s the heart of Christian living.


Each year over 10% of the offerings received at New Joy are given for the ministry of the wider church through the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and for local partner organizations such as Open Doors of Westfield. Giving is a part of who we are – not just individually, but as a congregation. We come together to give together what we cannot give alone.