New Joy Preschool

New Joy Preschool

Opening Fall 2019

Currently Taking Registrations

We are very excited to be opening our preschool for 3 and 4 year-olds living in the Carmel/Westfield area.

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Parent's Handbook

Parent's Handbook


New Joy Preschool Classes

At New Joy Preschool, we believe that children learn academic readiness skills, motor skills language/communication and social behavioral skills when their bodies and their brains are ready. We know from experience that different children are often developmentally ready to learn new skills at different times. We also know that to try and teach skills before the child is developmentally ready only leads to frustration and the possibility that he/she will become disenchanted with school and with learning.

In addition, research has consistently shown that young children learn through movement, active social play, and imaginative make-believe play. For these reasons, our preschool classes are designed to provide children with lots of active movement, lots of opportunities to be social, lots of opportunities to communicate with friends and adults and lots of opportunities to use their imaginations. At New Joy Preschool it’s not about academic drill and practice, it’s all about play, play, play with the incorporation of skill building within the play-based activities.

Focus Areas by Age Group

Skill focus areas will include:
Fine motor skills
Gross motor skills
Phonics (letter recognition/sounds)
Name recognition
Social skills
Turn taking
Following directions
Counting & Numbers
Color recognition
Shape recognition
Number recognition
Language skills
Conflict resolution
Waiting for help
Moving with others (line behavior)
Coloring & cutting skills

Skill focus areas will include:
Fine motor skills
Gross motor skills
Phonics (letter/sound recognition)
Name recognition & practice
Asking for help
Following directions
Counting, numbers & 1:1
Pattern work
Shapes & colors
Number recognition
Address & phone
Moving with others (line behavior)
Coloring printing & cutting skills

Miranda Verik, Preschool Director/Teacher

Miranda Verik
Preschool Director/Teacher

Teaching Experience

2014–18 Teacher 3-yr-old classroom, Thrive Preschool, Westfield, IN

2004–06 Teacher Elem. Special Education, District U-46, Elgin, IL

2000–04 Teacher 3-yr-old room,   All About Children, Naperville, IL

Teaching Philosophy

I’ve learned from experience that play is the best way for young children to learn. When young children can have fun while learning, they love coming to school. Throughout my experience with children, I know that even identical twins learn differently and at different rates. No two children are the same. That’s why, especially with young children, learning needs to be very individualized.

I also know from working in an elementary school setting that empathy and kindness are just as important as the academic subjects. Some children may know how to read or do math when they reach school age, but if they don’t know how to get along with others, or how to focus, or how to be empathetic, or show kindness to those around them they will struggle in school. For that reason, I believe that children should never be pushed to learn something that they are not developmentally ready to learn.

Learning through play, enjoying the fresh air, learning to be kind and empathetic, along with  large doses of sunshine and fresh air are all good for both young and old souls.

A Little About Me

We moved from Illinois to Indiana in 2012 and I feel so lucky to have ended up in the Hamilton County area. I live in Westfield with my husband Geza, daughter Anya and son Drennan. When I’m not teaching preschoolers, I love to cook, read and play games with my family.



Hollie Johnson, Classroom Assistant

Hollie Johnson,
Classroom Assistant


I have experience substitute teaching for preschools where I found my love of teaching and watching kids learn and grow.  I worked with Carmel Clay Parks and Recreation as a Senior Attendant in The Monon Center's Child Care program. My daughter and I participated in a local cooperative preschool with high parent involvement. I gained knowledge of how a classroom works and what is involved with creating a successful classroom.

A little about me...

My husband, Ben, and I have lived in Westfield for over 12 years. I love the community and watching the city evolve. We have a son, Ethan, a daughter, Emilie, a dog, Lindee, and cat, Pete. Our family loves soccer and both of my kids have played with WYSA for many seasons. When I'm not freezing or breaking a sweat watching soccer (love Indiana weather!) I'm usually behind my sewing machine or reading a book.



New Joy Preschool


Tuesdays & Thursdays 
9:30 am – 12:30 pm


Monday, Wednesday, & Friday
9:30 am – 12:30 pm

Payments will be made in 9 equal parts
starting in August and ending in April.

Now accepting registrations

Please download the Registration Form. Complete the form and turn in or mail to the New Joy church office.

Classes will begin:
Mid-August of 2019

You can find us on Facebook at
New Joy Preschool

For additional information contact New Joy Lutheran Church:
317-896-1402 or