Videos and Guides for Leading Worship at New Joy

Worship is enlivened by the gifts and ministry of many people.

  • Greeters welcome people to church, and greet them as they leave following worship
  • Ushers guide worshippers with their movement toward the altar for communion, for making their gifts and offerings, and at other times.
  • Acolytes help prepare the worship space for worship by lighting candles, presenting communion elements at the altar, and clearing the altar with the Assisting Minister. Acolytes also serve communion.
  • Assisting Ministers lead many of the prayers of worship, prepare the altar for communion, serve communion, and clear the altar with the Acolyte.
  • Readers proclaim God’s Word by reading Scripture in worship.

This page includes a link to view and download a PDF of the Guide to Worship Leadership, and videos for some of the more common and perhaps complex tasks of worship leadership. More videos and worship leader ‘helps’ will be posted in the future.

Guide to Worship Leadership


Reading Scripture in Worship
(6 min 42 sec)

Brief guidance on how to read Scripture in worship, including announcing the reading, eye contact, pronunciation of unfamiliar words, and more. 


Leading Prayer in Worship
(4 min 40 sec)

Brief guidance on how to use your voice and body in leading prayer in worship. The new Assisting Minister role leads several prayers during worship. 


Setting and Clearing the Table
(8 min 32 sec)

The Assisting Minister is responsible for setting the table with the plates and cups and food for Holy Communion. This video shows how to set and clear the table, and how those actions connect with what comes immediately prior to and immediately following the communion part of the service.