cross and bibleThe Bible is the written Word of God, and at New Joy the Bible is part of our life together in a variety of ways.

We read Scripture in worship, in Bible Study, at Youth Group, and more.

Many of the songs of worship are rooted in the words and stories of the Bible.

The Bible is, as Martin Luther wrote, the manger in which the Christ child is laid. We see in the Bible the Good News of a gracious God whose love for his people knows no end.

At New Joy we seek to explore, celebrate, learn from and grow into the truths of the Bible. On this website we are developing and sharing a growing body of resources. We have a Bible Story Outline, Daily Bible Readings & Devotions (download a PDF of the Daily Bible Reading schedule), and an explanation of how the Bible is used in our worship. Please check back frequently for more updates.

For straightforward articles about the Bible, Biblical figures, books of the Bible, and more, visit Bible Odyssey, hosted by the Society of Biblical Literature.