Daily devotion, holiday prayers, podcasts, blogposts, a mobile Bible, and more – all available on the New Joy’s new mobile app. Download New Joy’s mobile app today. Read more about it, below!




Marin Luther’s writings – from his 95 Theses for reform of the church to his Small Catechism explaining the basics of faith – were the viral media of his day. Thanks to the use of a new technology, the printing press, Martin Luther’s ideas spread more quickly and had a greater impact than they might have had just 50 years earlier.

Oddly, the Reformation’s innovative embrace of new technology did not become part of the Lutheran church’s DNA. By and large Lutherans were not early adopters of later new technologies, including radio and television.

Though innovation was at the heart of the Reformation, innovation did not enter into the heart of the church’s on-going mission.

The internet era – and mobile access to the internet – represents a seismic shift in technology akin to that of the introduction of the printing press. New Joy’s website – updated two years ago – is optimized for mobile use. Yet this month, 500 years after the use of technology changed the church forever, we’re launching a new app for New Joy.

The New Joy Mobile App – for Apple and for Android – puts several faith tools into the hands and pockets and purses of our people. Daily Devotions. A mobile Bible. Stories about faith and church from Living Lutheran, the magazine of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Blogposts. Confirmation Ministry worship notes. A weekly podcast. And more.

In time – and with the leadership of partners who have the skills and desire to make it happen – this app could stream (live and recorded) videos of worship, classes, and other events. Indeed, the mobile app has numerous possibilities. This initial release of the app is just version 1.0.

Mobile Device and Daily Prayer

In addition to the app, you can follow New Joy on Twitter. We don’t tweet much, except for a daily devotion each morning shortly after 5am. Want a reminder to do your daily devotion? Put Twitter on your phone, follow New Joy, and set up notifications from New Joy.

Or, set a daily alarm on your phone (for mid-morning, lunch, or any time of day that works best for you), and when the alarm sounds open the mobile app. Your devotion will be waiting for you there. Weekly push notifications from the app will also invite you to open the devotions, or to check out other features on the app.

This mobile app is an extension of our call, as a congregation, to extend a radical welcome and nurture transforming faith. Engage with the app – and with our shared faith – during the week. In the words and prayers of the devotions and the material found within the app, you’ll hear of God’s welcome and you will grow in faith in the One whose love for you never ends.

It’s like a printing press in your pocket. Only much smaller. 500 years into the Reformation, once again we are using new media for the sake of the Gospel.