Radical Welcome Next Steps

Radical Welcome Next Steps

Last Fall New Joy hosted two conversations with local LGBTQ+ advocates and educators (GLSEN of Central Indiana and Indiana Youth Group), providing members of our congregation with important opportunities to learn. This Spring we are planning a four-week Bible Study and a few experiences to learn from members of the LGBTQ+ community and from members of LGBTQ+ affirming congregations.

This is all part of our Exploring our Radical Welcome initiative.


Sunday Morning Bible Study:

LGBTQ+ Welcome and the Bible

All Sessions are following worship at approximately 10:45 am

February 12, SESSION 1
We’re Talking About THAT?
Overview of Christianity and Human Sexuality. 
Setting Terms of our Discussion - safety, honor, humility, love for neighbor
Gathering Questions


February 19, SESSION 2
What it means to welcome “All People”
Review New Joy’s 2002 Mission Wheel and 2015 Mission Statement. 
Read Scripture around Welcome & Hospitality. 
Do we need to get specific, or does “all” truly cover everybody? 
Topics from Session 1’s “Gathering Questions”


February 26, SESSION 3
But the Bible Says …
Understanding certain Bible passages that (may?) address same-sex sexual activity
Examine certain social norms in Biblical and contemporary contexts
Topics from Session 1’s “Gathering Questions”


March 5, SESSION 4
Affirming Because of - Not in Spite of - Jesus
Jesus’ call to fully affirm and honor LGBTQ+ people
What it may look like for New Joy
Topics from Session 1’s “Gathering Questions”


Questions? Attend the classes, contact Pastor Chris at pastor@newjoy.org, or call the church office at 317 896-1402. Thank you.

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