Read, reflect, and pray.

Reading Scripture, reflecting on God’s Word, and prayer are cornerstone spiritual disciplines of the Christian life. Every morning at 5am we publish a devotion on our website, and also share it on Facebook, Twitter, and on our new mobile app.

New Joy Daily Devotions:
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Notifications for Devotions

New Joy mobile app

Do receive daily mobile reminders to do your devotion, there are two options:

  1. Put Twitter app on your mobile device. Follow New Joy on Twitter. Set up notifications for all New Joy tweets (we pretty much only tweet out the daily devotions). You can do the same for Facebook, but we post much more on Facebook than just devotions – you’ll get many more notifications.
  2. Customizing notifications for daily devotions on the New Joy mobile app is not (yet) available. Until we get improved push notifications on the mobile app, here’s a suggestion: set a daily alarm on your phone to remind you to do the devotion. Then, open the mobile app and do the devotion.

Devotions follow a schedule of daily readings that directly connects with our Sunday readings in worship. Published by Clergy Stuff, devotions are produced by a team of lay and ordained writers.

Prayers at the end of the Scripture and reflection are based on Martin Luther’s guidance for daily prayer.

Read, reflect, and pray. This doesn’t necessarily draw us closer to God – for God has already drawn close to us – but it does open our eyes to see the God who is already at work in our lives and in our world.

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